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Your Wooden Masterpiece

Handmade with the highest care and precision for you.

Carbon/ Wood Process

Only the best materials.

European White Ash wood makes up the majority of the frame. A very stable hardwood with good tensile strength and lightness, white ash can sustain impact. It should be noted that it is an environmentally beneficial option.

The image shows layers of carbon fibre cloth that have been soaked out with epoxy resin to cover the internal cuts. The additional layer of protection provided by the carbon fibre enables the hollow wood to be exceptionally resistant.

Are Wooden frames heavy?

We just included the mass of the frame because the weight of the bike will depend on the components the customer chooses.

The weight of the frames varies from 1,9 kg to 2,5 kg depending on the size of the frame and the density of the wood.

To seal and waterproof the frames after sanding, 2K automotive clear lacquer is typically put on in three coats.

Joining method
No loose parts

No loose parts.

All rackets are made of 6061 aluminium, but due to the parts' non-standard tube diameters, they must be machined to the precise dimensions. The head tube is 25mm in diameter, and the seat tube is 27.2 ID.

The bottom bracket has a normal British tread with an inner diameter of 34.8 mm, 24 threads per inch, and is 68 mm broad. It is manufactured from a solid aluminium tube. Additionally made from 6010 aluminium, the dropouts.

Pedal with Natures Grace

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